How to Prepare for LASIK

The goal of Columbus LASIK is to achieve the best vision in the safest way and to dramatically reduce your need for corrective eyewear or contacts as much as possible.

When one is scheduled for LASIK in Columbus, knowing how to prepare for the surgery will put them more at ease which will ensure a more positive outcome. Although LASIK is a very safe procedure, it is natural for one to feel nervous.

The following points are just general guidelines. It is important that a patient follows the instructions given out specifically by their LASIK surgeon.

Before LASIK:

  • You will be asked to stop wearing any contact lenses for some period of time prior to your LASIK day. The amount of time depends on the kind of contact lenses and how long you have been wearing contacts.
  • You should stop wearing any makeup, perfume, cream, or lotions a day prior to LASIK. These cosmetics can interfere with the procedure, and can increase the risk of an infection.
  • It is often advised that patients have a light meal the morning of their LASIK.
  • You should consult your LASIK surgeon at your consult regarding the use of prescription medication on the day of LASIK.
  • It is best to wear casual and comfortable closed the day of the procedure. You should also avoid accessories that may affect one's positioning during the LASIK procedure.
  • You may be requested to wash your face prior to the surgery. This is to reduce the risk of any infection postoperatively.

During Your LASIK Procedure:

It is normal to be a little nervous or anxious the morning of your LASIK procedure. It is important to remember that Columbus LASIK is a safe procedure, and our doctors have the experience that you can trust.

The procedure is relatively pain-free, but many people may experience a little pressure due to the instruments used. If pain is a concern, it is best to address this issue with the surgeon during your pre-op meeting.

During your LASIK procedure it is imperative to stay calm, and follow the instructions as they come. The procedure lasts just a few minutes, and will be over before you know it.

After Your LASIK Procedure:

You will be released to return home after the surgeon does a quick post-op exam to assure that the eyes are healthy. Patients are not allowed to drive themselves home, so it is best to bring someone with you during your surgery.

LASIK patients are given a list of post-op instructions that they are asked to follow very carefully, as well as an appointment time with Dr. Miller at Gahanna Vision Center for their one day post-op care visit.

It is recommended that patients return home and take a nap to allow their eyes to heal after their procedure.

Avoid swimming, hot tubs, or whirlpools for at least one week. Showers and baths are fine 24 hours after the surgery, but avoid getting water and shampoo in your eyes the first few days. Avoid eye makeup, gardening and dusty, dirty environments for one week. Limit the amount of TV, reading, or computer use for the first few days. Prolonged use can create more dryness which will limit the healing process. Columbus LASIK patients should avoid driving for the first few days. It may take the brain a few days to adapt to the visual perceptual changes that may affect one's depth perception and night vision.


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